See some of the presentations given by LCBF members!

Is the Canadian forest really available for biofuels?

Jean-Michelle Lavoie
Biomass Technology Laboratory
Université de Sherbrookee

Sustainable Biomass – UPM Journey Beyond Fossils

Oona Koski

Sustainable biomass availability towards 2050 and a deep dive into the biodiversity impact

Themis Neokosmidis
Concawe Science Associate

Agri residue availability in India and progress on Energy crop production

Y.B. Ramakrishna
BEST Associates

Camelina – Sustainable Feedstock

Yuri Herreras
Camelina Company España S.L.

Biomass supply chain management – Mitigating challenges

Colonel Rohit Dev
Thought leader in bio-energy, India
Reveille Energy LLP